Hoosier Open Pinball Super League
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Preplays: Hoosier Open Pinball Super League Fall 2021

DatePlayerSet AC/DC (TC) Addams Family (HSS) Aerosmith (RKA) AMH (NEP) Attack From Mars (SCB) Attack From Mars (HSS) Avengers (NEP) Avengers (NEP) Avengers: IQ (SCB) Avengers: IQ (HSS) Baywatch (NEP) Baywatch (SCB) Black Knight SOR (PoP) Black Rose (HSS) BlackKnightS (NEP) Cirqus Voltaire (PoP) Close Encounters (TT) Comet (PoP) Congo (NEP) Deadpool (TC) Deadpool (RKA) Deadpool (SCB) Demolition Man (NEP) Demolition Man (IND) Dialed In! (PoP) Doctor Who (PoP) Doctor Who (IND) Dolly Parton (NEP) Dr. Dude (IND) Dracula (NEP) Dragonfist (NEP) Elvira Stern (PoP) Embryon (IND) Family Guy (SCB) Fish Tales (NEP) Fish Tales (IND) Flash Gordon (NEP) Flight 2000 (IND) Flight 2000 (HSS) Flinstones (RKA) Flintstones (NEP) Freddy (NEP) Future Spa (IND) Game of Thrones (TT) Ghostbusters (PoP) Godzilla (NEP) Godzilla Pro (NEP) Goldeneye (NEP) Gorgar (IND) Guardians (TC) Halloween (NEP) Hot Wheels (NEP) Houdini (PoP) Indy 500 (NEP) Iron Maiden (NEP) Iron Maiden (PoP) Iron Man (TT) Johnny Mnemonic (IND) Judge Dredd (NEP) Junk Yard (RKA) Jurassic Park (PoP) Jurassic Park (SCB) Jurassic Park (NEP) Jurassic Park (IND) Lectronamo (IND) Led Zeppelin (NEP) Led Zeppelin (PoP) Lord of Rings (PoP) Mandalorian (PoP) Mando (NEP) Medieval Madness (PoP) Medieval Madness (HSS) Medieval Madness (NEP) Metallica (NEP) Metallica (PoP) Meteor (NEP) Meteor (HSS) Monopoly (PoP) Monopoly (NEP) Monster Bash (NEP) Monster Bash (PoP) Monster Bash (SCB) Mousin Around (NEP) Munsters (PoP) Nascar (NEP) NBA Fastbreak (PoP) NBA Fastbreak (IND) NBA Fastbreak (TT) Pac-Man (RKA) Pirates JJP (PoP) Pirates Stern (PoP) Pirates Stern (RKA) Power Play (NEP) Prospector (NEP) Rick and Morty (PoP) Road Show (PoP) Roller Games (IND) Royal Rumble (NEP) Seawitch (NEP) Sharkey's (PoP) Simpsons (HSS) Simpsons Stern (PoP) Skateball (NEP) Soccer (TT) Sopranos (TT) South Park (HSS) Space Shuttle (HSS) Spiderman (TT) Star Trek Bally (PoP) Star Trek DE (PoP) Star Trek Stern (PoP) Star Wars Pro (NEP) Star Wars Stern (PoP) Star Wars Stern (HSS) Star Wars Stern (TT) Star Wars Stern (TC) Stars (NEP) Stingray (NEP) Strange World (NEP) Stranger Things (HSS) Stranger Things (SCB) Stranger Things (NEP) Strikes Spares (RKA) Swords of Fury (IND) The Hobbit (PoP) The Shadow (NEP) The Shadow (IND) TheWalkingDe (NEP) TNA (PoP) TNA (IND) Transformers (PoP) TRON (PoP) Tron (NEP) Ultraman (PoP) Victory (IND) Wheel of Fortune (NEP) Whirlwind (RKA) White Water (PoP) Wizard of Oz (PoP) Wonka (PoP) World Cup (SCB) World Cup (NEP) X Files (IND) X Files (HSS) X-Files (NEP) X-Men Pro (NEP)
---Amy Onion2                 12,344,050                         26,932,780                                                                               62,324,950                                       22,078,700                                                                             40,477,290                                                  
---Bridget Shea2         3,793,570       4,796,870                                                 3,793,570                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
---David Onion1         935,855,530       128,922,960     919,862,320                   745,303,610                       11,310,560                                                       194,757,180                                       21,147,130                                                                             21,754,490                                       120,828,080          
---Jackson Stephenson2         5,843,011,820             1,085,821,500                                                                                                   19,443,940                                                                                                                                                                        
---Logan Krueger2         995,886,030             167,668,390                                           3,527,280                                                                                               9,490,880                                                                                                                     372,411,580          
---Nick Squires1         6,639,339,760       63,387,410     328,782,560                   65,313,920                       24,303,150                                                       97,579,640                                       34,010,920                                                                             172,525,400                                       520,621,950          

As of: Thu, Dec 2, 2021 5:07 AM